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Federal Mogul in Indianapolis led by Terry Kuczeruk has laid off some full time employees while keeping temporary workers from Kelly services. I was laid off after 13 years and that same day they hired a full time employee "Brad Spires" to do the same job on second shift. I was never given that option to change shifts. Terry Kuczeruk and his management team have done a lot of shady things. Jake Kuczeruk "Terry's son" along with Bob TIbbs" Kathy TIbbs husband" and Marry Ann Johson's husband all worked for Federal Mogul with out being on Federal Mogul or Kelly services payroll. Who paid these people? Did they have to pay taxes like the rest of us? Employees were also made to take vacation when injured so Terry Kuczeruk would not have to report it to osha..Terry Kuczeruk has also told his team to adjust the numbers so the meet the goals on damaged product. How long will people turn a blind eye to big business? Seem like every thing gets sweep under the rug until someone trips on it. or until some one takes justice into there own hands and then it becomes a news worthy story.

I was laid off so Terry Kuczeruk so he could hire a former employee who be came disabled. He said "It would be a feather in Federal mogul cap to hire a disabled person."

Terry was nice enough to write me up for buying him a Christmas card and laying it on his desk. So much for the federal mogul family. I was so mad I didn't even read the write up I just signed it. Then Mike McKnight called me on Christmas eve "My only day off" to tell me he had lost the write up and asked me if I had seen it.

Terry's son Jacob he also worked at Federal Mogul but I don't know if he was paid under the table or not. I also herd Terry's wife Ellen was working under the table too but I can not confirm that at this time.

The H.R. manager daughter worked their too I'm not sure if she had been paid under the table too but she is aloud to walk around with out signing in or wearing a visitor's badge. Federal Mogul policy at the Indianapolis's distribution center is All visitors must sign in and wear a visitor badge. I guess the rules only apply to some of the people. I'm sure other employees family members would not be aloud to walk around the building. Its very unsafe she could get hit by a forklift or if there was a fire while she was wondering around the building no would know she was there because she doesn't have to sign in.

Mary Ann is the head H.R. at Federal Mogul. She loves to shop online at work. From what I've been told she seems to have a problem with African Americans or maybe its just a coincidence they get wrote more than the other employees. I don't know..Dennis Hunter has worked at Federal Mogul off the books He didn't have a Federal Mogul time card.

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